Child Guidance

The staff at Heritage daycare #1, views themselves as facilitators to your child's learning. As adults, we believe we
have the necessary tools to productive members of society: therefore, we can lend those tools to the children until they
can learn and use them effectively and independently. Our approach to children's learning is guidance before discipline
and discipline rather than punishment.

We use many appropriate problem- solving strategies such as: natural and logical consequences, reminders, re-direction and
compromise and prevention. It is our goal to develop a sense of empathy with in each child and to focus on the positive
aspects of their behaviours rather than negative.

We will always approach children at their level and acknowledge their feelings about the particular situation. As
children become more independent, our problem solving techniques become "conversations" and include the child's
understanding of what the natural consequences should be. A child who is endangering him or herself I another child or the
environment will be removed from the play space until the behaviour is under control. It is our role to provide a safe
environment for every child.

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