Social Media Policy

The purpose of this policy is that Child Care centre should be connected with the parents, community and staff. We recommend parents to be connected on Face book and LinkedIn with us.

1. Staff is not allowed to be connected on social media while performing their duties with the children as the safety of children is most important and this cannot be compromised.

2. The staff is not allowed to post any photos or information about children, parents, staff or the program on any form of social media.

3. Staff may use their cell phones to take pictures of children to be used in the center but the photos must be removed from cell phones at the end of the staff shift before they leave the daycare. The photos can be downloaded to the daycare computer.

4. Parents can give their input and suggestions or share some useful information on social media which can help us to improve our standard.


Tornado or Natural Disaster Policy

The purpose of this policy is that children should be safe at the centre and also at home.

1. If there is a forecast of Tornado, flood or temperature -50C or less, parents should not bring their children to the day care. Day care will be closed on that day.

2. In case the children are at the day care and there comes tornado or other natural disaster warning in effect, the parents will be informed to pick up their children and day care will be closed.

3. In any case of tornado, while the children are in the centre, they all will be assembled in the middle of central corridor or in the basement (Heritage After school care) and parents will informed of the situation.

June 2016

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